Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blessed by those around me

I was filled with happy tears today reading a card that was given to us by T's school. It was a thank you for something we had done recently, but what touched my heart and brought me such joy was what was contained in the card, and what that all meant to me.
First let me say, my kids go to public schools. I have been super pleased over the years to see school teachers and principals proudly show their love for God both in their offices, the school itself, and in their emails. I don't think this happens everywhere, but in our part of the country people are more open with their beliefs than it seems that Christians are in other parts of the country that might be considered more 'liberal minded'. Therefore, they don't feel the need to 'hide' their Christianity, as I feel others may feel in other parts of the country, or world, to avoid scrutiny or even unfavor in their job. That being said, I have been super happy over the years knowing my kids are learning in an environment that has lots of God-minded individuals leading and teaching.
Well, today when we got this card, I was reminded again, of how blessed I am to live in the midst of such a great environment. This card, was not on official school stationery. Someone had purposely picked out this card, and instead of choosing a plain "safe" card, they chose one that clearly gave thanks to God and his mighty ways. Remember this is a card FROM a public school (!) :)  Lots of the teachers had signed it, and my eyes welled up as I read it and saw that at least half of them had mentioned God, His Blessings, or His Bounty in their personal notes to us. :)  I guess if you haven't figured it out by now I will clearly explain my joy. Obviously the teachers (and principal) of this school are living for God, and know and understand God's principals, and therefore lead me to believe they are teaching in Godly ways. How great is that, to know that the teachers who are and will be teaching my kids are Godly People!!??? They stand up for what they believe, and they won't hide His light.  I am so blessed. I called my husband, explained that it was a Godly card, that half the teachers wrote about God, and therefore how happy I was that I was crying, and he smiled and said "I'm glad you're happy".  That's truly what it boils down to. I am happy because this is one more little thing or 'proof', that God gives me peace about the influences my kids are being exposed to when they are away from me, and at school. It makes me happy and gives me comfort knowing there are lots of Godly people at the school leading and directing them.
So, yes, I am happy :)
Very happy.
Thank YOU for letting your light shine!

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