Friday, January 15, 2010

Have u ever been fatigued?

In 1 Samuel chapter 30 it tells the story of David destroying the Amalekites. But before he did that, the Amalekites had raided and plundered his people, and took all the wives and children with them. When David and his 600 men set out to find them, they had to cross a river. However, 200 of them were too fatigued to do this. They stayed behind while the 400 continued on searching for the Amalekites. When they did find them, they won the battle and got all their wives and children back, PLUS all the spoils and riches of the Amalekites. When the men traveled back to meet up with the other 200, David rejoiced in their victory. However, some of the victors (from the group of 400) grumbled that because the 200 had not participated in the battle they should only receive their families back and not any of the riches. David said no. They were a team and they would behave as a team. If some stumble, the others help. If some guard the equipment, while others fight, they still all rejoice.

There are times in everyone's life when they get a bit fatigued and may need the help or aid of someone to get them through. Remember, YOU can be that person to help them.

In life, there will always be some who get fatigued. We need to work together as a team. We don't leave them behind. When I am at the gym, and I start to get drained, my teammates cheer me on and boost me up. They support me in my time of need. We need to do this to everyone we meet. Help them in their time of need.

If someone lost a job or is them.

THEY are fatigued.

They need the help of those who are still fighting the battle, just like David and his men.

Don't let an opportunity pass you by to be a blessing to someone else.

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  1. You are so RIGHT! What a GREAT post!!! You should RE-POST this or something...or maybe post on your regular blog. Not enough people are seeing these awesome messages!!
    I love that story. I've recently done a Beth Moore study (at home by myself) on the life of David and now it's so vivid to me that when someone talks about something he was involved in, it's almost like I "remember" it. If you've never done a Beth Moore Bible Study...she really helps you get "into" what you're reading. So much and with such imagination that I almost feel like it was a movie I saw or something! Awesome!
    I have certainly had my seasons of "fatigue" over the last couple of years and I can confidently say you are one of the main ones who has helped me out of my slump. I thank God for you!!