Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The time is now!

Do you ever notice that people are more concerned with the book of Revelation and what the future holds, instead of realizing that 99% of the bible is about how to live right, right now?
The bible is a huge resource of instructions for how to live the way God intended. It teaches us how we should act, how we should love, how we should forgive, how we should work, how we should share, how we should give, how we should war, how we should raise our children, how we should honor our parents, and how we should honor God. Its all there. Everything we should do in every situation that this life gives us. Any crisis we have, we can look to the bible for answers on how to overcome it.
But with all this wealth of knowledge and answers to every question, why is it that so many people look to themselves or to man for answers instead of to God? They are interested in what the future holds, "will I go to heaven?", but they forget sometimes that the bible is written all about how to live RIGHT NOW. Yes, there is scripture about the future, but most is written for us to use here on this earth right now. So let's make an effort to use the manual God gave us and live RIGHT, right now. I think we'll find it will make this time we have here on earth SO much more enjoyable and prosperous :) Let's give it a try!

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