Monday, March 29, 2010

Put God First

The following is something I shared with our church for an offerring message.

When we lived in Las Vegas, I had gotten a hammock as a gift. I didn't want an ugly hammock stand, so my husband agreed to build a permanent holder for it. We went to the store and bought all the supplies (concrete, metal poles, hooks, etc). He dug two holes, mixed the concrete and poured it into each hole. Then set a pole in each hole and let it dry. Then he attached the hammock to the poles with hooks. Ta-da! It was done!
I then proceeded to sit in it and ... KERPLUNK! I fell flat on my rear as it pulled the concrete foundation right out of the ground!
The foundation was faulty.
It was missing something (i.e. re-bar).
Without that key component (re-bar) it wasn't built to withstand the pressure (of my butt) ;0

Just like in the example of what happened with the hammock, the foundation we build upon with God needs to be strong, and solid, and Right!
How do we know if its right?
We go to the Word.
Where is the Word?
In the Bible.

The Word says we should tithe our first 10% (see Malachi 3:10 if you don't believe me).
So in order to be Right, we need to do that.
We need to tithe our first 10% before we do anything else. Put God and our obedience to Him above all else.

When I was assisting in Children's Church the kids were taught to keep God in front of earthly things like toys, cars, houses, friends, and money.
They even made a little craft that showed a cross positioned in front of the earth, to remind them that God should always be in front of anything on earth.

Well, we need to put God first too!
Our submission to Him is more important than earthly things.
So remember, if you want Joy in life, and all that God has in store for you, put Him first, obey His Word, and bring your tithes into His house as He instructs us to do (remember Malachi?)


  1. Firstfruits were never the same as tithes. Firstfruits were very small token offerings per Deu 26:1-4 and Nen 10:35-37.

    In order to be blessed by titing, one must obey the whole Law. God only commanded OT Israel to keep His Old Covenant.

    NT giving is sacrdificial. For many that means more than ten per cent. Others give sacrdificially even though less. 2 Cor 8:12-15

  2. you are right, first fruits are different than tithes. But the tithe is still supposed to be done before anything else, that makes it 'first'. First fruits should be given in whole. Not just 10%. If you get a raise, the WHOLE portion of that new 'first fruit' should be sowed. You are also right that God's blessing isn't based just on tithing-its everything! mainly our heart being right so that we are doing his Word with the right heart. Choosing to love others more than ourselves and give our tithes AND offerrings because we LOVE God and WANT to. Not because we are told to. That becomes something cold with no heart behind it, therefore not resulting in God's purpose for us to be doing in in the first place. People can give 90% of their money to God, but if they are only looking for the return and not doing it solely because they love God, then they won't see the return they were looking for anyway. I disagree with NT not adhering to the tithe principal. Jesus talked about it too and he was NT , so I believe we are still to follow it. Thanks for reading :)

  3. Excellent Rene! I know I'm "late" in reading this...but still, it is so relevant to my life RIGHT NOW and what I'm going through today. Why can't I put "what I get" out of my mind? I do love God with my WHOLE heart but I admit, sometimes my motivating for giving is purely because I need. Aren't we SUPPOSED to sow seed SO THAT we can reap a harvest? The sower doesn't plant the seed in his field just because he loves farming...he plants it because he EXPECTS to receive a harvest. Help me here. I really think (wonder) if this is not where my "financial troubles" lie. But I am confused...
    If God didn't want us to give expecting to receive...then why did He tell us in the Word "give and you shall receive" and not "just" receive...but RUNNING OVER....!?!?!?!?

  4. god isnt real
    sorry :(

  5. LOL LOL LOL wow, that gave me a good laugh for the day. Just LOOK around, God is certainly REAL :)