Sunday, May 16, 2010

Guide for Life

Do you remember when you got a new job and didn't know how to do it?

I remember when my husband started working at Goodyear. Every night he'd pour over a manual memorizing computer codes.

When I worked for ERAC, I had a huge binder with all the info I needed to do my job. Plus of course, I had co-workers to help train me.
I remember in the beginning, not being very confident in my abilities, so anytime I was unsure what to do, I would study the binder.

I did this over and over again until I understood the directions and was finally able to perform what was expected of me automatically. It became second nature to me. The directions and guidance in the binder had become written in my mind.

The same holds true with the Bible. It is God's written word giving us directions and guidance for our lives. If we study it over and over, it's directives will become second nature to us in our lives. Our actions will be a reflection of what is in it. And remember, what is in it, is God's word. His purpose and plans for us. If we are acting according to His word, we will certainly be enjoying a very blessed existence. Who doesn't want that?!

At work, after learning our job well, we become an example to others, or a trainer to new employees. The same is true in our walk with God. By living our lives according to His plans, we are becoming positive examples for others to follow. If someone else comes to know God more because of our positive actions, its definately a good thing.

Have a blessed day!

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