Friday, December 11, 2009

Throw it up or Throw it out?

A long time ago, a friend told me about someone who didn't like to throw away food (even if it was on the verge of going bad, or already was spoiling). She gave it this funny phrase... she said her friend would rather "throw it up, than throw it out!"
Kinda gross when dealing with food, that's for sure. I would certainly prefer to throw it out instead of getting sick eating it and winding up throwing it up later. But I got to thinking about this the other day and it made me realize that sometimes we are like this with things in our life that we should be getting rid of.
Instead of throwing it out and getting rid of it, we hold onto it and it makes us sick. It tears us down or drags us down and we are not able to live out the life God intended for us because we haven't gotten rid of the junk.
That junk is different for everyone. Maybe its cigarrettes or overeating (both of which literally do affect our health and make us literally sick, not just figuratively), or pornography (which hurts our relationship with our spouse), or jealousy, or pride, or dishonesty, or slander (bad words coming out of your mouth that don't build up, but instead tear down and hurt someone else). There are a number of sins, or junk, too many to list. Most people have some, not just one.
So, if you have some junk in your life. The first step is realizing it is in fact junk and not worth keeping. Then you need to throw it to the curb and leave it there! Don't keep it in your life, thus making you sick. When you are sick, you will eventually throw it up. So, wouldn't it be easier to get rid of it on your own before it makes you sick?

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