Monday, November 16, 2009

Be Blessed

My signature "tagline" for signing letters and cards for years has been "Be Blessed". One time my aunt mentioned that she struggled with this because she felt that God is the one who blesses us, so who was I to say "Be Blessed" , as if I was the one who was doing the blessing. After I explained my interpretation and view of this, she understood what I was really saying and was then ok with it. So let me explain... the motive behind me saying "Be Blessed", was that you would live in such a way, that God would pour out His blessings to you. I'm not acting like a "holy one" tapping you on the shoulder and saying "be blessed", as in "I bless you", but instead I am saying live your life according to God's Word, so that He can open the windows of Heaven to you and pour out His Blessings upon you! So in closing today, I say, BE BLESSED! ;)

1 comment:

  1. Nothing wrong with be blessed. It reminds us to keep doing good deeds to others. But I don't use that line. I always say God bless instead. We have a TV show in our place that addresses God as "Bro". Other network station criticizes it to be a blasphemy. But really, they should not look at it that way. It's shallow. As long as the show is projecting good values, I guess that's what matters.