Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't chase the airplane

I am currently reading a book by Mark Gorman called "The Three Heavens: A study in spiritual warfare". Last night while I was reading this, this section popped out at me. I think it is worth sharing. The story goes like this... you are outside enjoying a beautiful day at the park with your family, when out of nowhere a little mechanical airplane starts zooming down on you and firebombing you essentially. You run for cover under a picnic table and next time it makes a dive at you you jump out and whack it with your hefty purse, thus smashing it to the ground. You settle back into enjoying time with your kids, when AGAIN another airplane starts zooming in and annoying your family. You would be wasting your time to continually chase these airplanes and knock them down.
What you need to be doing is looking for the guy with the remote control who is sending the airplanes.
We tend to do this in life sometimes, we are so focused on what is happening to us physically that we forget about the "guy with the remote control" (Satan) who is in control of the airplane. We should be fighting against him, not against his airplane. To quote what Mark wrote in his book... "We need to recognize that behind every problem in our lives, there is a guy with a remote control. We are in the physical realm, and he is in the spiritual realm. We spend most of our lives chasing airplanes, and the guy with the remote control goes free." ... to thus continue bombarding us with more airplanes.
When something isn't going right in your life, remember to go to God and ask for His guidance, to pray, and to speak against the devil and all of his minions. Don't let the guy with the remote control go free. Our words carry strength, bind him with words, and believe it. You will see results.


  1. Okay, this was soooo good that I immediately picked up the phone, called Matt and read him this entire post. Wow! It is SO encouraging to hear more believers recognizing the fact that what we are REALLY fighting is spiritual. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood..."
    I honestly think that the vast majority of Christians are unaware or in denial about the strong spiritual forces that are at work against (and for!) us! To be in this kind of denial, makes us weak and ignorant to the power that we've been given and the authority that we have over Satan and his demons.
    Rene, I am so excited to hear you say all this. For one, we really haven't had the opportunity to talk about spiritual things in depth before...but also...how THRILLING to know that one of my best friends is reading/studying and learning about the exact same things that Matt and I are!
    Sometimes it seems as though we are leaving most of our friends "behind" so to speak because God is really calling us and taking us to the next level and revealing Himself to us in powerful ways. I'm not sure if the people we associate with (our friends from church) just aren't seeking after it as diligently as we are, or if they are just in a different place in their walk...but Matt and I have been knowing for some time now that we are maturing and we just long to be around older, more mature saints who are living victorious lives with 'signs and wonders' following them everywhere they go! That is what we want! That is what God promised us! We are like sponges just soaking up the wisdom of some of these spiritual leaders (esp. Andrew Womack here lately).
    I would really love to come visit your church sometime! If they are anything like you and Ashley....I know we'd love it!
    There just aren't enough people out there, especially in our age group, who are serious about KNOWING God and having an intimate and powerful relationship with Him. So many (of us) are sooooo busy with our lives and we think we don't have time for this right now...but the truth is...we can't AFFORD to not make this our top priority.
    Okay....I'm gonna start preaching..I better end this!
    As you can surely tell from this comment, I am going to LOOOOVE this blog! Thanks for being obedient to the Lord and writing it! It is going to bless me for sure!!

  2. Two things:
    1. Yeah! I got a shout-out in Jen's comment =)
    2. I am glad to see you expressing your beliefs this way Rene. You have an amazing gift and God wants to be able to use it whenever/wherever! Go you!!!

    Okay, maybe I had more than two things:
    Jen, you are WELCOME at our church any time! But know this, anywhere you go, there will be people who (not necessarily frustrate you but)are frustrating because they don't seem to seek to know God the way you and I do. The truth is, our relationship with God, and how intimate we are with him, is solely based on US...He has already given us everything...it's now in our hands how well we know him. Sometimes it takes people longer to realize that...in any church. They sit around saying "God, why don't I worship like that" or "God, I want to feel you the way so-and-so does" when the truth is we have to seek God, whether our "feelings" are there or not. And then, we begin to see the transformation within us! Have faith. Have faith in others, and most importantly, have faith in God!