Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turn on the slowcooker, Baby!

This title will make more sense as you read this post, but a while ago our church did a session on husbands and wives understanding each other. It had a lot of good information about how men typically perceive things and how women perceive things. It talked about our innate differences and how those differences complement each other to create a cohesive couple. It talked about how men were more visual, and women were more emotional. This explains why Playboy peaks men's interests, while Playgirl does not peak a woman's interest. It talked about how men typically, since they are visually-tuned, are ready for sex "at the drop of a hat". Especially if they see their wife naked. That typically doesn't do it for a woman. She needs a warm-up period. Like a soft touch on her back while she's making dinner, a thoughtful comment or gesture during the day, then when the "hanky panky" time arrives, she is certainly ready. These differences were described as a man being a microwave (instantly hot), while a woman was a slow-cooker (eventually hot). I don't know about you. But this description made me laugh so hard, not only because its funny, but because its so true!
So I thought I'd share this funny description with you, and maybe next time your hubby calls home from work he might say "Turn on the slowcooker, Baby, I'm coming home!" ;)


  1. Did you really just say "hanky panky"?

  2. ya, I'm with Ashley...I'm just not used to you saying the words "sex" and "hanky panky" ...but I like it! ;o)

    Okay...that sounds weird...but I just appreciate it when us girls can be "real" about stuff...:o)

    Ps. I completely agree with the whole microwave/slow cooker idea though. Although I can appreciate a quick heat-up now and again too! hee hee