Monday, November 30, 2009

Along for the Ride

Do you ever try to figure out God's next step in His plan for your life? Sometimes we as people do this. Its almost like children trying to guess what their parent's got them for Christmas. The anxiety of the unknown is so great that we try to get the answer before we are ready to receive it. Just like the children try to get the gifts before it is time for them to be bestowed upon them. Do you see any similarities here? I do. The children are being somewhat immature in their behavior because they "just can't wait", the thought of waiting is too much to bear. Yet, they DO wait (because their parents don't give them their Christmas presents early), and they do in fact survive. No emergency room visits because they were faint of heart by not getting those gifts early, right? Aren't we as adults sort of doing the same thing when we try to figure out where God is going with His plan? Wouldn't we waste less resources, time, and energy if we simply stepped back and said, "Ok, God. I don't understand. But I am along for the ride." My Pastor preached a similar vein of this recently and it got me thinking, "yes, we do need to trust God more!" Our plans are certainly not better than His. He knows the big picture (and we don't) so He has already taken all variables into account when formulating and carrying out His plan. Just like Isaiah 55:8 says, " ways are far beyond anything you could imagine." Don't we need to quit trying to re-imagine new ways, and instead trust Him in His ways? I guess in accepting this fact, the only thing we then need is a bit of prayer to help us to gain peace while we "take that ride". Say your prayer, and settle in , because when you look back, it may be a colorful ride that you'll be able to share with others someday of what a testament God is in your life :)

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